At RH Travels, we are proud of our expansive fleet of minibuses. Our large and exquisite range of minibuses gives our customers the choice between luxury minibuses, 16 seater minibuses, 16 seater standard minibuses, 8 seater minibuses, 7 seater minibuses and 6 seater MPVs. We value our fleet highly and we value you higher. We spend a considerable amount of revenue each year to enhance, repair, and upgrade our top-of-the-line minibuses so that you never feel let down by our service. Our fleet is considered as one of the finest primarily because our vehicles are meticulously maintained and their services kept under checks at regular intervals. We check our vehicles to ensure the safety and comfort of our passengers and keeping it up to our standards of reliability. All our vehicles are legal, adhering to all the legislation and regulations of the Ministry of Transport and the Government. It is a proof of our fleet’s excellence that our vehicles are hired on a regular basis.

Executive Coach:


Luxury Minibus:

This minibus is our definition of a luxurious drive that provides you safety and security to the very best of our ability. If you are looking for an on-the-road hotel experience, our luxury minibuses are tailor made for you. It’s packed with climate controls, privacy windows, recline full of comfort seats, reading lights, CD player, front low entry and a 3 point seat belt. With a capacity of 16 people and each of their luggages, our luxury minibus is a lot like living and little like travelling.










16 Seater Executive Minibus:

For all those of you that want a corporate feel while travelling, this minibus is designed specifically for you. With forced air, privacy windows, 16 passenger seats, reading lights, front low entry, 3 point seat belt and a CD player, the executive minibus is made for the corporate client. Whether it’s intercity travelling or airport hires, this minibus will give you safety and security with a touch of luxury and class.










16 Seater Standard Minibus

Our 16 seater minibus is our most famous and reliable vehicle. With a no nonsense attitude and packed with features to ensure safety and an effective drive, this vehicle is made to run on the road. The vehicle is easily able to hold 16 passengers in comfort and security. This minibus has privacy windows and a 3-point seat belt with a CD player to ensure you get a bit of entertainment on your ride.










8 Seater Minibus

If you want to go out on a family picnic or have large amounts of luggage tagged along. Our 8 seater minibus is made for you. With a comfortable drive and top-of-the-line features, this one is definitely worth the ride. This beauty comes with climate control, privacy windows, large boot, 3 point seat belt, and a CD player. This minibus has enough space to hold 8 people and nearly 8 large and 4 small luggages.

6 Seater MPV

Our MPV is made for the executives, sweet families that love to travel. It’s packed with climate control, 3 point seat belts and a CD player. This beauty has comfortable seats and a sense of security and reliability that’s unparallel. This isn’t a minibus but we are proud of its performance as much as our minibuses.
Don’t get caught on your heels! If you are thinking of going on a travel or wanting to find someone suitable for airport hire. We are just the company you’ve been looking for. Our luxury, standard, and executive minibuses are available for every occasion. So hurry up and have the ride of your life!



RH Travels expansive fleet of minibuses in Dudley, Hagley, Stourbridge and Wolverhampton, providing airport transfers, minibus hire, taxi service outings, events for your use.