Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the charge per person?
A: The charge is per vehicle and per person.

Q: How many people can your minibus carry?
A: We have a variety of vehicles that can carry from 1 passenger to 50  

Q: We are a group of 4 people with 10 large suitcases.  Will one minibus be enough?
A: We can provide custom built trailer, which allows extra luggage’s to be            
transported safely.

Q: Can we hire a minibus for week?
A: You can hire a minibus for any amount of time you require.

Q: Are all your vehicles are licensed?
A: All our vehicles are licensed by Dudley MBC and DVSA.

Q: Do you take wheelchairs?
A: Some of our vehicles are wheelchair accessible with helpful drivers.

Q: We are a group of 10 people can you supply us with two taxis for our needs?
A: We are able to provide for up to 50 passengers vehicles, however are also able to 
provide more than one vehicle for the same group.